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Wordle Isabella van den Berg.jpg
This is my first wordle that I made. I learnt how to put words onto wordle and use paint.
wordle on picture adventure time isabella png.PNG
This is my wordle on picture. If you are wondering how to make one, then read this. First you make a wordle then you save it. After you do that you get a picture you like of the internet and save it. When you have done that you get the wordle onto a word document and then the picture you saved as well. After that you will find that they won't be together so click on your wordle, then go to fomat tools then press colour, and look to the bottom of colour and there should be something that says set to 'transparent '. Then click your wordle. It should now be transparent. After that you right click the picture and go down to a picture of a dog then click that and press 'through' then you can move your wordle on top of your picture.
Bat Tagxedo Isabella van den Berg.jpg
This is my bat tagxedo

My Business Card
internet safe busieness card isabella.jpg
This is my business card. It has my hobbies on it, my grade, my QR code, my first name only and my manga avatar.

QR Codes
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