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These are all my ponies' names

This is my tagxedo that I learnt how to do in ICT(information communications technology)
This is how I did it,
step 1:You go on the web site www.**tagxedo**.com/.
step2: I then you pressed create.
step 3: Then you press load then you write the words.
step 4: Then you can just change the layout and colour and the font if you want.

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This is my wordle and it's got all of my friends from school and the things I like in it.
This is my wordle that I learnt in ICT (information communication technology)
I will tell you how I did it :
step1:you go on the web site www.**wordle**.net.
step 2: you press on create.
step3-then what you do is you type the words that you want in.
step 4:then you press go.
step 5:then your wordle will come out.
step 6:then you can change your colour and font and they way you want it to go.

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This is how I made my animation:

1.go to google
2. search for abcya animation
3.then you start to make it, then click save
4. go on to the animation and click
5.then you can put it on your blog
6 if you want to .

Term 4 Reflection

I have made a animation movie
I have learnt how to convert an animation.
I could use this method during drug education and other subjects.

This is an animation made by India and Bellzy