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This is my avatar of me
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These two pictures are about me, what I like, my family and friends and what I look like. I learnt how to change the colours and how to use wordles.

Giarna tagxedo.jpg
This tagxedo is about me. I learnt how to change it to suit me. It was really fun but I did have to add more words to make GB.

email.PNG1. Never open a e-mail from someone you don't know.

2. Don't open e-mails that say you have won something it may contain a virus.

3. Don't ever send rude e-mails.

4. Don't send e-mails with a virus.

5. Don't open e-mail that are not adressed to you.

S cards.jpg

I have learnt that you never put your last name, phone number, e-mail or address on the internet. I really like using QR codes on my wiki page and using my avatar for ICT tasks.

This is my animation that I made on I leant many things like how to do a animation, how to save a animation as a FLV and that the smaller the space between each movement the better. This is my first animation and is incomplete. I could use this in class by using an animation in a presentation for Inquiry. Here is some steps to start you off.

1. ABCya animation (link shown above)

2. Click edit background or draw your own.

3. Add objects and copy the frames.

4. Save animation. Once it's saved you can not add to it.

Pivot Animation - 'Gym Within'