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This is my avatar. I made this on Avatar Face maker\ manga.

georgias wordle.jpg
Georgia wordle on pic.jpg
These are my wordles. The first one is just a wordle itself and the other one is a wordle on a picture. Here are some quick easy steps.
1. Go onto google and look up wordle. Click on it and click create.
2. When you have saved your wordle into your folder at home or at school.
3. Go on to google and select a picture that you like.
4. Save the picture into that folder.
5. Go on to word document and take out your selected picture that you saved and put it on the page.
6. Then get your wordle out of your folder put that on the page as well.
7. Right click the wordle and press transparent.
8. Look at your wordle and put it into a spot you like.
9. When you're done enjoy your artistic wordle.

tagxedo georgia.png This is my Tagxedo. Of course I made it on a website called Tagxedo.


Here are 5 safety email rules:

1. Take another look before you send a message.

2. Keep your messages short unless it's important.

3. Make sure you know the person you are sending the message to.

4. Delete spam Messages straight away.

5. Tell a teacher or a parent straight away if you have got an insulting message.

buisness card.jpg

This is a business card I made for my wiki to help my understanding of what information should not be shared online. I have not used my name and all phone numbers and web addresses are made up.

This is my animation I have made on ABCya animation. Its a great site to make animations for
- school projects
- any project
- just for fun
- just to try
- if you don't have anything to do
I have learned that you have to move your character in very slowly and that you have to be aware not to move it in massive spaces.

Pivot Animation - 'Fun in the Circus'