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This is a animation of other animations, I used 4 pivots to create this so please respect it. :)

What did I do?
I created an animation on two people in a forest attacked by Slender Man and then they were exploded by a bird and eaten by a snail.
What did I learn?
I learnt how to make a animation with moving figures doing stunts and stuff
How can I use this in class?
I can use this animation to create Inquiry animations for my presentation

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E-mail safe Rules
1. Don't open E-mails from strangers
2. Don't send rude E-mails
3. Don't send Viruses
4. Don't open a page that says you have won something, it's spam.

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My Wordle on Myself and the things I like. Here's a link to Wordle . To make a Wordle you have to go to google (Link to google is under or you can simply just go to the link to the left to go to the wordle website) then when I was on the website I went to create on the right of the page. It will come up with a box that says 'Paste in a bunch of Text' so you have to write up a bunch of text.
Then if you want, you can add a picture behind it.Put it in a file and start up a new word document (not wordle). Then you have to get a picture from the internet (google images I recommend)

Tagxedo Eamonn Epic.jpg
A tagxedo on things I like. I made this on Tagxedo and here's how I did it:First I went on to the Tagxedo website through Google then I went create in the corner. Then taa daa, I started to make my Tagxedo.