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Kids Computer Lab (What is Plagiarism?)

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Reference Generator (How to list the materials and sites you have used.)

Using keywords to Search the Internet.
Question: What do people in Korea eat?
Effective search: popular Korean food
Ineffective search: What do people in Korea eat?

  • Making your search more specific

Boolean Search – use AND, NOT, OR

  • Try this Question

Question: Did the Australian gold rushes take place around the same time as the American gold rushes?
Construct a search term and search Google to find the answer. Narrow your search using either AND, NOT, OR

What keywords did you enter?

What is your answer?

Researching online is a great strategy, but you need to know how to find websites that have good information.Learning to scan and focus on the keywords in a paragraph will help you to identify the right information.Try this interactive tutorial game to help your scanning and keyword skills.
Click here or on the picture to begin
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HINT:It is important to read the website descriptions and not to just click on the first search results.

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