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wordle cleo mackay.png
This is a Wordle I made on the internet during ICT time. It was a great way to reflect on ourselves and think positive thoughts about our strengths.

Click on this link to start a wordle

wordle picture paint cleo mackay.png
After that, we put a picture behind our Wordles. They all look very personalized and fantastic!

Click on this link to go to google and find a picture

tagxedo paint cleo mackay.png
This is a Tagxedo I made on the internet using the same words as my wordle. They look very pretty when they're in shapes

Click on this link to start a tagxedo
Go to LOAD and type in your words under ENTER TEXT. Press SUBMIT and personalize your tagxedo.

buisness card cut cleo.mackay.PNG
This is a business card I made on Microsoft Publisher for the wiki. It does not include my surname, my date of birth, my house address, my email address or my phone number so it is safe for the wiki.

What did I make?
What did I learn?
  • I learnt not to move the characters too quickly or the animation will go to fast.
  • I learnt how to use an onion skin (when you move a character and a shadow is left where they had just been.
How could I use this in class?
  • I could put an animation in a movie maker presentation and use it for a project.

This is an animation I made in ICT. I used pivot animator.