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This is my Avatar of me.

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I have learnt when you have a business card to share with friends, you can put your date of birth, hobbies, school, grade and your last name. With a web business card, you never put your last name, phone number, address or your email.

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This is my Wordle on picture.

Tagxedo Clarissa Walker.jpg
This is about Me and it was really fun I made this from Tagxedo.

Wordle Clarisa Walker.jpg
These two pictures are about Me and what I look like.I made this from Wordle.

5 Email tipsemail Clarissa.PNG

1.Never send rude Emails

2.Never send pictures to strangers you don't know on Email

3.Ask Mum and Dad for permission to go on Email

4.Don't send Emails with a virus

5.Always delete Emails from someone you don't know.

I made four animations on http://www.abcya.com/animate.htm

I learnt to put it on a FLV Video and on my wiki. You can use this idea for presentations or Inquiries.

Steps to make an animation and to convert it to a FLV Video:

1.Go on the abcya animate link,scroll down and click GO (if you don't know how to use it you can press Tutorial)

2.When you are finished press save (bottom right)

3.When you saved it go on http://www.online-convert.com

4.When you see Video converter select convert FLV

5.Then press Go

6.Scroll down and press Browse

7.Again scroll down and press Convert file

8.When it's done you can Save as

=Well Done