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This is my Wordle. I made it on the internet. It is about me and what I like.

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my card

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This is 5 ways to stay safe when you are making an email
1. Never open spam from someone you don't know.
2. Don't add any personal information onto an email.
3. Never email to someone you don't know.
4. Never put your email address on an email unless you know the person you are sending it to.
5. Never send a rude or hurtful email to anyone you know or don’t know.

This is my bull. I made it using Tagxedo on the internet. Tagxedo is a really fun way to learn new skills and to share your feelings.

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This is my favourite basketball player. I made a Wordle with him.

What did you make?
I made an animation on ABC animation. We learned a lot of new skills on it and we loved doing it.
What did I learn?
I learnt a lot of skills but the main skill everyone had to learn was how to successfully save a our ABC animation. We also learned how to use different characters on our animation, we used them by making them do dramatic, funny, and scary things it was heaps of fun.
How could you use this in class?
I think lots of the kids will use this because it was fun and we love it. We will use it in presentations such as movie makes, power points, photo stories and lots more. We might even use it for fun our to do stuff with friends.