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Bella wordle on pic.jpg
This is my wordle captured onto SALLY PEARSON!!!

peace sign awesome bells gard.jpg
This is my Tagxedo and it's captured onto an awesome peace sign!!!

wordle with out sally ,bel.png
This is my Wordle without Sally at the back.

This is the steps to make a wordle........
This is my Wordle without Sally on the back. I went onto the internet and searched on Google for Wordle and it came up with the site:Beautiful word cloud. Click on it and you will have alot of fun to do it with your words and if you want, you can put some pictures on the back!!

bisness card bella web...jpg

This is my animation-
This is the steps to make it-
1.Click Google
2.In Google type 'abcya animate'
3. It should come up as Animate-
4. Click that
5. Then scroll down a tiny bit
6. Press go...
7. There's a tutorial to show you how's it done
8. And start making your animation "HAVE FUN"

Reflection Term 4

I enjoyed making abcya animate,
I learned you had to convert the animate on FLV,
In class I could use it for inquiry's and stuff like that.

Pivot Animator

This is my pivot animation I made with india that's about gymnastics!