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This is my wordle and picture. First you go to wordle and then press create.

Go to google to get a picture.

Go to word and paste the picture and wordle and find this tool set transparent color, right click and then go to wrap text and go to in front of text.

Adele word on picture.PNG

This is my wordle. if you go to wordle that is how you do it.

Adele wordle.png

Adele tagxedo.pngIf you go to tagxedo you can start if you press create

This is a QR Code if you go to qr code follow the steps and you will make one. (QR Stuff)
This is the other QR codes website. If you go to Unitag qr codes you can make another one


Here are 5 safety email rules:

1. Take another look before you send a message.

2. Keep your messages short unless it's important.

3. Make sure you know the person you are sending the message to.

4. Delete spam Messages straight away.

5. Tell a teacher or a parent straight away if you have got an insulting message.

Adele business card.PNG

  • It does not include my surname

  • My date of birth

  • My house address

  • My email address

  • My phone number

  • So this card is safe for the wiki.

Click on the 'animate' picture to go to the site to see tutorial of how to make animation

What did I learn?
I learn how to use all of the tools.
How could I use this in class?
I can use this to do my inquiry